Friday, September 30, 2016

Archer guy should definitely wrap it up after season 10

Archer creator Adam Reed plans to bring his animated secret agent action-comedy series to an end after its tenth season.

Some great bands go on too long and only become sad pathetic embarrassing hollowed-out shells of their former selves. They tarnish their image by electing to ride the gravy train long after the creative juices have stopped flowing. The Rolling Stones definitely fall under this category. Ditto REM before they mercifully split up a few years ago. U2 hit their peak 25 years ago and have been going steadily downhill ever since. Call it quits guys. It's time. It's been time for awhile.

On the other side are those bands that break up at just the right time. The Beatles are the prime example of this. Their best music was clearly behind them at the time of their split and there would have been no reason to continue except to milk the cash cow. The Clash broke up just as they were beginning to tail off. The Pixies packed it in at a perfect time but Black Francis decided to bring them back. Their new Kim Deal-less incarnation...sorry, it's just not the Pixies.

TV shows like bands have a certain shelf life. The Simpsons, we're all agreed, has gone on far far too long. Probably South Park too. Breaking Bad on the other hand wrapped up at exactly the right time. Mad Men may have gone on one season too long but at least it didn't entirely wear out its welcome.

Archer creator Adam Reed certainly realizes his show has peaked out and has nowhere to go but down, hence his decision to wrap it up after season 10. A few more seasons and then kaput. No reason to press your luck. Kudos to Mr. Reed for his perspicacity and good sense. Reed gets it. Archer has been a consistently hilarious show for years but every joke eventually gets old. This past season felt a little tired out, a little repetitive. Even brilliant dudes like Reed only have so many good ideas, and he may have gone through all of them with Archer. Better to call it quits when you're still more-or-less ahead than keep on pushing for nothing but commercial reasons and becoming an annoyance. As a matter of fact, pushing until after season 10 might be too much. But I trust that Reed knows what he's doing. Identifying an end-point can be helpful from a writing standpoint as well. I look forward to seeing how Reed plays it out. I bet he has one last burst of brilliance left in him. But after mas.

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