Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Blair Walsh never had it so good

Where will Blair Walsh land?

What will happen when Walsh lands wherever he lands?

I understand if some Vikings fans answer: Who cares?

I want to move on from Walsh too, but I wish to make one last point before that happens: Blair Walsh doesn't appreciate how easy he had it in Minnesota.

Walsh may feel he was treated unfairly by media and fans. But he wasn't.

Walsh was treated VERY well by Minnesota fans. Lots of fanbases would have absolutely obliterated Walsh after the Seattle miss.

Imagine how Philly fans would have reacted. Or Chicago fans. Or New York fans.

Sure, Walsh got shit from some Vikings fans. But nowhere near as much shit as he would have gotten in a lot of other places.

Vikings fans are some of the most forgiving in all the NFL. The fanbase at large had more-or-less let Walsh off the hook within a few weeks of the Seattle game.

And if Vikings fans are pussy cats, the media members covering the Vikings are outright wimps.

The Twin Cities media contingent is one of the softest and least-confrontational in the country. It was hilarious when Blair Walsh lashed out at those wussies.

Walsh behaved like a guy who was beset on all sides by frothing, blood-thirsty jackals. They're not jackals, they're puppy dogs.

Where will Walsh end up? For his sake, I hope he doesn't land in a city where the media really go after you.

He better not end up in New York or New England or Philly. Or he will be toast.

Blair Walsh may not realize it today but he had it EASY in Minnesota. He was babied in Minnesota.

He won't be babied like that anywhere else.

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  1. A very good read. It shows that you still have "it" in you. They should try to get you back to TVA. (That place is dying a slow death).