Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fuck Golden Tate

Tomorrow the Vikings play the Lions with first-place in the NFC North on the line but frankly screw all that division lead crap. I honestly don't even care that much if the Vikings win the game. It's not like Minnesota is going to go make a Super Bowl run this year. If they miss the playoffs? So what. Let the Lions win the game and take command of the division. I don't care. I just want to see Golden Tate get fucked the fuck up. Legal hit or illegal hit. I want someone to take that cocksucker's head off. You know what I truly wish? That the Vikings could get Percy Harvin for one game, make him a DB and tell him to blow Tate the fuck up. Order Percy to break Tate's spine. Too bad Percy is on the Bills (if he hasn't retired again by now; I lose track). That's okay, Harrison Smith can get the job done. You know it's at least in the back of the players' minds to give Tate SOMETHING for that asinine leap when he scored the winning touchdown in the last game. You KNOW Andy Sendejo would LOVE to pulverize Tate. Sendejo loves pulverizing people, especially his own teammates. For once it would be nice if Sendejo could focus his destructive energies on an opposing player. I don't care who does it, I just want to see Golden Tate laid out. I want to see him broken in half. I want them to have to take his dismembered body parts off the field in several garbage bags. I want GUTS spilled. I want EYEBALLS POPPED OUT like in Any Given Sunday. I want carnage. I want Golden Taint to fucking die on the turf. I'm serious. KILL that piece of fucking shit.

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