Monday, November 28, 2016

I hope Laquon Treadwell is more than just talk

Laquon Treadwell hasn't done jack shit for the Vikings on the field this year.

But he still has his confidence if his quote in the St. Paul Pioneer-Press is any indication:

[Sam] Bradford, the Minnesota quarterback, said after that game the Vikings need more big plays and on Sunday he called for more shots downfield. Could Treadwell help in that regard?

“Absolutely, of course,’’ Treadwell said. “I can make plays, give them more in the rhythm with the offense. I’ll make plays.’’


But seriously, here's what I want Laquon Treadwell to do:

First I want him to shut the fuck up about what he's gonna do.

Then I want him to go out and do something.


Sorry but I'm past the point now where I'm willing to give Treadwell a total pass JUST cause he's a rookie.

I'm not saying he should be putting up monster numbers. But he should at least be contributing by now.

Treadwell can't control everything that happens on the field. It's not all his fault that he hasn't done anything as of yet.

You know what he can control? The bullshit that comes out of his mouth.

Adam Thielen didn't have to tell people what he was gonna do. He just worked and got better and now he's a legit #2 wide receiver.

Treadwell, at least by virtue of his draft position, is supposed to have a lot more ability than Adam Thielen. If he wants that ability to translate into production? He needs to work his ass off.

And needs to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

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