Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Scientology going soft?

Why isn't Leah Remini face down in a river right now? When did Scientology turn into an organization of pussies? Was a time when Miscavige and his thugs would have DISAPPEARED this woman. Not anymore. Now they let people run around talking ALL KINDS OF SHIT, threatening lawsuits, exposing the dark secrets of the church. L. Ron Hubbard is on his eternal Scientology planet (or whatever those dumb assholes believe in) somewhere vomiting bile over this. He founded this AMAZING LOAD OF BULLSHIT, this stupendously devious machine for blackmailing closeted homosexual idiots, and these people are going to let Leah Remini bring it down? Leah fucking Remini??? It's like the Catholic church in De Medici times folded the tent because some half-retard nun fled the convent and started screaming about the pope being a baby-fucker. CRUCIFY this woman Scientologists. Slap her in an iron maiden. Send Tom Cruise to go JACK REACHER on her ass. Man up, Hubbard-fuckers.

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