Monday, November 28, 2016

Sharrif Floyd should not figure into Vikings' future plans

It was cool for a minute to believe Sharrif Floyd could develop into the next Kevin Williams, but it's become painfully apparent that this dream will never come true.

Injuries have totally derailed Floyd's career and I don't see it getting back on track in the near future if ever.

Floyd has indeed shown flashes of dominance when he's been able to stay healthy. Flashes of the player many thought he could become when the Vikings took him in the first round out of Florida.


This year, he hasn't been anywhere near healthy. He hasn't been in the same TIME ZONE as healthy.

Floyd has played in only one game this year thanks to ongoing knee problems, knee problems that a few weeks ago led to arthorscopic surgery, and is unlikely to play Thursday when the Vikings host the Cowboys.

Without Floyd, the Vikings' defensive line has been good but inconsistent. What would that D-line look like with Floyd in there, playing up to his potential and above all STAYING HEALTHY.

We will never find out, because Floyd will never stay healthy.

The 2016 season looks like a lost one for Sharrif Floyd (and looks increasingly like a lost one for the Vikings as a whole).

The Vikings picked up Floyd's fifth-year option but are under no obligation to keep him in 2017. If they do keep him, they will have to pay him $6.75 million for one year.

$6.75 million for a 3-tech who can't stay on the field? No fucking thanks.

Time to write Sharrif Floyd out of the script and pursue a 3-tech who stays on the field and contributes.

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