Friday, November 18, 2016

Stefon Diggs will get shut down by Patrick Peterson

Patrick Peterson will be shadowing Stefon Diggs all day for Arizona, says Cardinals coach Bruce Arians.

A very sound strategy indeed!

Diggs has been great this year but I think he's going to have a tough day against Peterson.

Last year Peterson totally shut Diggs down. With all due respect to Diggs, I expect a repeat of last year's game.

With Diggs getting taken out of the game by Peterson, other Vikings receivers are going to have to step up big time.

Cordarrelle Patterson could be huge this week for Minnesota. I NEVER thought I'd type those words.

I have to give it up to Patterson, he's proven that he can be a viable receiver for the Vikings.

One of these weeks Patterson is going to bust out. OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE I JUST SAID THAT.

Adam Thielen will also be important for the Vikes this week. It would be nice to see Charles Johnson get involved as well but...well, I ain't holding my breath.

Maybe Laquon Treadwell will even be active for this game and get a chance to make an impact.

We can hope!

All this is probably moot though, since the Vikings can't mount any kind of running game in support of their more-than-adequate passing game.

FUCK I wish the Vikings had drafted Derrick Henry.

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