Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Vikings can still make a playoff run but probably won't

The Vikings are not technically out of it at 6-5. Technically, they could still make a run, finish 10-6 and if not win the division - a very distant prospect after today's loss to Detroit - then snag a Wild Card.

But let's be real: that's not going to happen. THIS team with THIS offense is not putting together enough wins to make the postseason.

Things looked pretty dismal Thursday. Sam Bradford was limited to dink-and-dunk passes all day thanks to the O-line. Without Stefon Diggs on the field the Vikings were unable to get any big plays.

Things got even worse when both Joe Berger and Jeremiah Sirles went out with injury. Willie Fucking Beavers was playing right tackle by the end of the game.

The defense played okay most of the game but had some breakdowns late and let Detroit tie it. And then Sam Bradford threw a terrible pick trying to a force a ball into Adam Thielen - the only receiver Bradford apparently trusts outside of Diggs - and Detroit turned that into the game-winning field goal.

The team that slogged through Thursday's loss is not a playoff team. It's maybe 8-8. Next week's game vs. Dallas could be a slaughter.

To me, 2016 is already a lost season. The Vikings need to do some major soul-searching in the offseason. And they need to find people who can block and run the ball. They need to seriously upgrade their O-line and their running back corps. And find another safety because Andrew Sendejo...pew.

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