Sunday, November 20, 2016

Vikings fans need to reframe

You're stressed out by the Vikings' four-game losing streak. Don't worry, I can help you deal with that.

Before you go reaching for the bottle, try a little reframing.

Instead of thinking of the streak as a horrible, on-going, slow-motion catastrophe, think of it as the prelude to an eventual resurgence.

Think of it as the reload before the final glorious volley!

Don't think that the defense has regressed or that Mike Zimmer's scheme has been "figured out" by offensive coordinators.

Instead look at the defense's struggles as a necessary "learning experience." Zimmer hasn't been figured out, he's just being challenged.

Being challenged is how geniuses become even greater geniuses!

Losing helps a team overcome complacency, stagnation, lethargy.

Don't look at the lack of a running game as something alarming and unfixable. Instead, remind yourself that the team has changed offensive coordinators and shuffled the offensive line and is naturally going to need a period of adjustment.

Tell yourself that Jerick McKinnon has the talent to be a legit weapon!

Don't get too crazy when the Vikings struggle to push the ball downfield. They have downfield weapons and a QB who has more than enough arm to hit deep passes! They just need to incorporate more of those looks as they go along!

And when the offensive line starts looking like a leaky dam and Sam Bradford is getting destroyed and running backs are getting corralled in the backfield and there is NOTHING going on downfield because there isn't time for those plays to develop?

That one's easy: "The O-line just needs to stay healthy and get a chance to gel."

With just a little reframing, you can start to have a good feeling about the Vikings' future! Try it!

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