Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Beating the Packers wouldn't mean shit

So what if the Vikings go into Lambeau this weekend and beat the Packers? So what if they beat Green Bay and damage their playoff chances beyond repair? So what if they crush Aaron Rodgers' face into the frozen tundra until he cries for his girlfriend to come save him with her X-Men karate moves? So what if they take a giant piss on the hopes and dreams of Packer fans who think this is their year? So what if they SPOIL everything for Green Bay and their whining bitch-baby fans?

So what Captain Munnerlyn?
If THAT'S how players need to think in order to motivate themselves, then we can tell why this team has gone straight in the toilet. Who cares what this win or loss means to the OTHER team even if that team is your rival? What happened to going out and doing your job? This team is a mess mentally and I don't know how it happened. Must have something to do with Zimmer's approach. Zimmer needs to get these guys' heads right, forget letting outside stuff get in there. Who cares where the Packers are in the standings? Who cares if the coach is in the hospital with his eye gouged out? Who cares if the creaky old broken-down running back has returned from his latest catastrophic injury? Sure, there are great players who perform amazing feats when emotionally aroused beyond what is normal. Brett Favre comes to mind as one example. But guess what? Most players are not great players. Most players are at their best when on an even-keel emotionally. The Vikings are way too up-and-down. This team reminds me of the Vikings under Mike Tice when it seemed everyone was on a roller coaster. I almost miss Mr. Taciturn Leslie Frazier.

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