Monday, December 19, 2016

Dear Adrian Peterson, please get out

Dear Adrian Peterson,

Thanks for the memories dude, but please get the fuck out.

Adrian, it's time for you to pack up your shit and go.

It's time for you to take your giant ego, ram it in a suitcase the size of a shipping container and hit the road.

Answer me this one before you leave AD: what were you trying to prove by playing on Sunday?

That you could be the first running back ever to come back from a torn meniscus in the same season? Good for you! You proved it!

So, you're the first running back to come back from that injury. Do they hand out rings for that? Is there a trophy you can put somewhere in the giant house you bought with the money the Vikings gave you for helping them win zero Super Bowls?

Good fumble by the way. You were just trying way too hard again weren't you Adrian?

Trying way too hard to remind everyone how much you suck at ball security.

Yeah I know Adrian, the whole thing isn't your fault. YOU didn't tell Rick Spielman to ignore offensive line in the draft.

It ain't your fault the Vikings have failed in their search for a franchise quarterback.

Trust me, nobody laments the Vikings' lack of a franchise quarterback more than the fans. If only the Vikings HAD a quarterback on the level of a Derek Carr or a Dak Prescott, or hell, even a Matthew Stafford...if they had had a quarterback like that for the last five years, they wouldn't have needed to place so much faith in a steadily-declining running back with ball security issues and other outside-football issues.

Oh, about those outside-football issues: remember how you missed almost an entire season because you beat your kid and when you came back the majority of fans still stood behind you?

And you still put the team and the fanbase through an idiotic offseason drama just so you could squeeze a few more millions in guaranteed money out of the Vikings?

Yeah I know, you did what you had to do.

Too bad the fans didn't do what they had to do: reject you.

Too bad the team didn't do what it had to do: cut you. And then turn around and spend all that saved cap space on some offensive linemen and defensive backs and wide receivers.

And maybe even a viable young backup quarterback, someone the team would have faith in if/when the starter got hurt.

Hopefully Rick Spielman has learned his lesson after watching you once again fumble in a big spot.

Adrian Peterson is not someone you can count on in a big game. He is not the kind of player who carries a team on his back. He is selfish.

So, hit the road Adrian. Go find some other team willing to give you a bunch of money to play for yourself. Maybe the Browns!

Cowboys don't want you anymore, now that they have Ezekiel Elliott.

Packers? They have Ty Montgomery. Maybe Detroit will pick you up! So you can get revenge on the evil Vikings for finally refusing to give in to you.

It really burns my ass thinking of how little the Vikings have gotten in return for their MASSIVE investment in Peterson. It ain't just about the money either. What else have the Vikings sacrificed in the name of Peterson?

They sacrificed a bunch of respect by standing beside him after he was exposed as a child-beater. They allowed the whole franchise to become a laughing stock by participating in that farce of an offseason stare-down two years ago.

The Vikings have allowed themselves to be held hostage by Peterson's ego, believing that without Peterson, they couldn't win.

Bad thinking. Time to right the wrong and let the big-headed, fumbling running back go.

Wise up Spielman. And bye bye Adrian.

Thanks for giving us some thrills along the way. And zero Lombardis.

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