Thursday, December 15, 2016

Jennifer Lawrence is going through a career crisis

The bloom is off the rose for Jennifer Lawrence. The cheese has fallen off the cracker. Pick your metaphor. Jennifer Lawrence is in the midst of her first major crisis. It all started when she picked on that reporter. Then things got really got bad when Ariana Grande absolutely destroyed her on SNL. Is there a single person in the world who still buys Lawrence's "gawky-normal-girl-who-happens-to-be-famous" act? She seemed SO adorable, with the falling down and the talking shit about herself on TV and admitting to wearing Spanx and the rest of it. She seemed so...down-to-earth. So...just like the rest of us.

We fell for it. Some of us fell for it HARD. But when she berated that reporter in public, that was the first crack. And then Grande hit Lawrence hard with her impersonation and the whole facade broke and fell away. I haven't looked at Lawrence the same way since Grande annihilated her. That was the moment for me. There was no going back.

But if Lawrence's image was starting to take a battering, at least she still had her career to fall back on. Even if she was a phony and a fake and a fraud playing up a fabricated image, she still had the work. And the box office numbers. And the trophies.

Yeah...and then Passengers happened. The early reviews on Lawrence's new epic-sci-fi vehicle have been UGLY. Brutal.

It's not like Lawrence is OVER after one misstep of course. But this is a pretty major stumble if these reviews are any indication. We'll see how the box office is but with THIS many bad reviews, AND the movie being naturally handicapped by coming out a few days after Rogue One...well, the numbers could be ugly too. Those of us who have grown tired of Lawrence may be forgiven if we are somewhat rooting for this movie to tank. Maybe if she gets humbled a little bit, gets knocked off her high horse, taken down a peg...nah she'll probably still walk around like queen shit of turd mountain. HOW did I ever get taken in by this phony? Blondes, man.

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