Friday, July 28, 2017

Jarius Wright is an idiot if he thinks he's not on the bubble

Vikings WR Jarius Wright, who finds himself sitting precariously on the bubble as training camp begins, told reporters yesterday that anyone who thinks he won't make the 53-man roster is an "idiot." (Via St. Paul Pioneer-Press)
“I’m tired of hearing about ‘Will Jarius Wright make the 53-man roster?’ ‘’ Wright said on the first full-squad day of training camp at Minnesota State Mankato. “So it’s just getting old now. I’ve been the same player since I got here (in 2012). I continue to make plays, and if you think I’m a slouch, then you don’t watch football, and so that makes you an idiot.’’
I guess I'm an idiot because I think Jarius Wright will probably get cut. Well, I'm not 100% sure he'll get cut so maybe I'm half an idiot. I do think it's entirely reasonable to have Wright listed on the bubble as training camp cranks up. What did Wright do last year to demonstrate he should be considered a lock for the 53? Does Wright even know his stats? He only got into 8 games last year, was only targeted 14 times by Sam Bradford and wound up with 11 catches for 67 yards and one touchdown. Not exactly robust numbers. To some, it's a bit of a mystery why Wright seemed to be relegated to non-factor status in the Vikings' offense last year but I don't think it's any kind of a mystery at all. Wright just isn't that good. Problem for Wright is he's a tweener. Has the size of a slot receiver but lacks the niftiness in traffic that makes for a truly good slot man. Has the speed of a deep threat but lacks the size/wing-span. Is not the sort of physical player you can use as a possession receiver. Quite simply, Wright doesn't have a role. That became obvious last year and there's no reason to think it will change this year. 

Even if you're a big Jarius Wright booster - I'm not sure why anyone would be that at this point, but it takes all kinds - you have to admit it doesn't look good for him. The Vikings have lots of receivers fighting for spots in camp after loading up at the position in the draft and free agency. There is nothing idiotic about looking at the situation and deeming Jarius Wright to be in some trouble. Jarius Wright has to know this himself unless he is the true idiot. Or maybe he's just delusional about his abilities. Maybe he's just gone full Bernard Berrian on us. When Berrian became a non-factor in the Vikings' offense, he took zero blame, and claimed he was open on every play. He acted totally perplexed about why he wasn't getting the ball despite being open. Jarius Wright is starting to sound as silly and arrogant as Bernard Berrian. And Berrian at least had some accomplishments on his resume before he began behaving like that. Wright has barely done anything. The truth of Jarius Wright is that he's a spare part player battling for one of the last roster spots, and he could easily be beaten out by any one of a number of receivers on the roster. If he doesn't realize that, and thinks he can just coast his way to a place on the 53 while sniping at the fans, then he'll be gone quick and it won't be much of a loss.

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