Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Cordarrelle Patterson is still Cordarrelle Patterson

His rocky Vikings tenure having come to an end in somewhat whimpering fashion, Cordarrelle Patterson is now trying to hit the reset button on his career in Oakland. And by all accounts things aren't going so well. Signed by the Raiders primarily for his return skills, Patterson is currently in camp trying to show his coaches that he deserves to be in the wide receiver mix as well. But if Patterson's showing on Wednesday is any indication, he shouldn't count on getting too many reps at receiver. Tweets from the scene give an account of what happened when Patterson got a case of the drops and started hearing it from Raiders fans.

Dropping passes. Getting openly frustrated. Showing a lack of class in his interactions. Sounds like nothing much has changed for Patterson. He's still the same limited receiver he was in Minnesota (and big whining wet diaper). Not a playmaker. Not a dependable player. A bit of a baby. He can still get you something as a return man and occasional gadget weapon, but the ship sailed a long time ago on the notion of Patterson being a genuine offensive cog. He simply doesn't have the route-running discipline, the hands, the grasp of nuances like body positioning. He gets jammed too easily at the line. Patterson is no longer the green rookie the Vikings drafted out of Tennessee in the first round after trading away a bunch of picks to move up and get him. He's 26 now and going into his fifth year. He is what he is. He'll get you a few big returns, he'll break off a couple huge gimmick plays, but outside of that he's a non-entity. Right now he's fighting for the #4 receiver spot in Oakland and frankly I don't know what else the Raiders have at receiver, so maybe he will even win the job. But he won't put up numbers during the season, he won't be a reliable target for Derek Carr. Eventually Derek Carr will stop looking for Patterson. He'll figure out that Patterson won't be there for him. He'll look for other receivers. Raiders fans who accept now what Patterson is - a return weapon - might even end up satisfied with his signing. But any Black Holers looking for Patterson to pop as a big-time weapon in their offense are going to be very disappointed. Sounds like a few fans are already fed up with Patterson's drops. Patterson would do well to keep his mouth shut and not snipe at Raiders fans. Those people are fucking nuts and a lot of them are armed.

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